Turismo Responsabile

We try to benefit the localities in which we operate through providing local communities with needed income whenever possible.  This means purchasing provisions from local business in various remote locations that rely on tourists as a vital source of income.  The benefit of this is that it's a great way to facilitate cultural exchanges, and we ask that you be respectful when interacting with local cultures to sustain this beneficial relationship.

We make every effort to minimize the impact of our operations on the natural environment.  Thousand of tourists visit Nepal each year, and in order to maintain the majesty of our beautiful country we ask that everyone play a role.  This means refraining from littering and depositing trash in designated bins (found in some trekking areas) or returning it to Kathmandu to be properly disposed of.  While plastic bottled water is available in the mountains, we encourage trekkers to use treated water to reduce plastic waste.  When you're standing in amongst our beautiful Himalaya, you'll understand why we're so adamant about protecting them.